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July 13, 2020

E-Reps Forum 2015 – A flurry of innovative ideas

//Niall Smith, PR co-ordinator

The E-reps network underpinned its status as a key oil and gas forum with a memorable event which highlighted key environmental issues facing the industry.

With the theme of Sustainability Through Efficiency, the 2015 gathering boasted naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham as the keynote speaker – and he delivered an utterly compelling speech.

Despite his confidence, would there be a slight hint of nerves as he perhaps prepared to speak out against the careers his audience related to?

Immediately, Chris captured everyone’s attention by reminiscing about his childhood visits to Aberdeen, declaring: “Aberdeen was always a very enjoyable place to come to.”

It immediately won him a lot of fans, and his popularity grew after he said he hopes the oil & gas industry in Aberdeen prospers.

Chris wasn’t all doom and gloom about the industry. He discussed how we, as human beings, depend on energy in our day-to-day lives.

Even in this tough climate, the event as a whole generated fresh optimism. You might argue that the E-Reps Forum enjoyed the same atmosphere of qualified confidence that was evident during Offshore Europe in September.

A variety of representatives from oil and gas companies demonstrated how they are constantly using advances in technology to combat environmental issues within the workplace.

It was good to see an environmentalist like Chris challenge the industry and collectively get the whole room thinking about the future and how they can implement certain technologies and ideas to create a positive impact on the eco-system and local economies.

As the main lecture concluded, Chris voiced a chilling warning about taking a ‘do nothing’ approach when it came to managing environmental issues. “That’s what our children and grandchildren will loathe us for – having the answer and doing nothing about it. That is the worst thing.”

Nevertheless, the messages that the E-Reps network wanted to disseminate were heard loud and clear. Hopefully the ideas that were shared will eventually blossom into success for both the industry and the environment.

The E-Reps Network provides a platform for environmental representatives in the oil and gas industry to listen and learn, network and share examples of best practice and for environmental service providers to showcase their green credentials.