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May 24, 2022

Make your award entry stand out from the crowd

Business awards present an opportunity for companies to celebrate success.

From the obvious media publicity to the positive message that staff are part of a successful team, a winning award entry has a number of benefits.

There’s a great deal of hard work that goes on under the bonnet before you’re in the running for a top honour, and this short summary will point you in the right direction.

Engage PR has written more than 140 shortlisted businesses award entries for clients at local and national level.

Companies have won work on the back of publicity from award wins. One energy client secured a contract after an awards judge, upon reviewing a submission, recognised that our client’s innovation could be put to good use at his company.

The key is clarity in your storytelling message.

Your company will have either done something really special or completed a series of outstanding projects.

On occasion these gems are sometimes overlooked by clients too close to day-to-day operations to put a spotlight on achievements.

Our methodology at the outset is to identify at least five key points.

Substantial growth, innovation success, complex projects delivered, supporting the next generation, culture development, community initiatives, and successful transition or diversification are just some factors that can shape your submission.

Each piece, each little jab, combines to deliver a knock-out entry.

It takes time to produce a first-rate submission. An in-house co-ordinator should be identified to support your PR and marketing partner build the award entry.

Facts, figures and third-party approved testimonials also form an essential element of the storytelling process.

We are currently working on eight award entries for clients.

In the past, a client was named in the Manufacturer Top 100 and shortlisted in the Ones To Watch, a UK-wide programme by private investment firm LDC.

Another client has won at the British Accountancy Awards for five years in a row. This has significantly raised the UK profile of the firm.

The chances are you have a story to tell, but perhaps you’re not entirely sure how to communicate it.

We can help – and potentially it could be a big win for your business.

For an initial discussion on any award application, please contact James Donaldson, communications director, Engage PR: