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June 27, 2022

Projects review: why content is king

Business award entries are all about telling a company’s great story. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just gather a few facts, follow the criteria, meet the word count: BOOM – award win!

If only it was that simple.

The best award entries are produced following a series of meetings with questions (lots of questions), double (and triple) checking facts and building up a rounded picture of the business. A strategy – outlining gaps and potential solutions – can be implemented to ensure the client has the best chance of a successful outcome.

It’s a layered approach: salient points collected from directors, while frontline members of staff provide insight and snippets of gold-dust information. For a truly outstanding award submission, the devil is in the detail: facts and figures produce polished gems. Those marginal gains – little jabs – combine for a knock-out submission, something different from the rest; one with meaningful uniqueness.

The fruits of our labour came to pass when one client won at a national awards ceremony for the fourth year in a row, having a few days earlier landed another national award for the first time (the successes were highlighted at the Scottish Parliament).

This is what one judge said to our client about its award entry: “We were blown away by the submission. Whoever pulled it together for you should be congratulated as it has everything you would want to see in terms of facts and figures. Fantastic.”

This didn’t happen overnight – a high-quality, data-packed, story-infused award entry (aka a right good read) is not produced in a short space of time. It’s takes a few hours of commitment on both sides to get it right. At best, you have an award winner – at worst you’ve held up a light up to your business, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Setting media coverage aside, our engaging LinkedIn posts on the award wins secured more than 55,000 views in total.

Our project management and content support offering also helped companies to communicate though media coverage, social media and marketing collateral.

We helped to launch a new Scottish awards event for under-represented groups in energy and engineering; we devised a marketing and growth strategy for a client (identifying strengths, weaknesses, potential partnerships, new opportunities and greater focus for engagement with current clients) and we supported an environmental exhibition and conference with media coverage before and after the event, including a full page in Scotland’s largest selling quality newspaper. In addition, we communicated the views of one of Scotland’s leading insolvency experts through newspaper and magazine articles, including the prestigious CA magazine.

We signed new clients, including an ambitious north of England engineering business, and pitched to a series of companies, including one tasked with delivering a multi-million pound infrastructure project.

Engage secured UK and international media coverage for a client’s key contract with a Paris-based oil major, broadcasting the message about its cost-saving software. It’s what we do.

British awards, Rachel Riley and the Scottish Parliament …

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